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Listing Type : Premier
Location      : Secunderabad
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Mustang Services is started by Dr Anil Dundoo and Sujini Dundoo, a family from Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, having its roots past 400 years well established in various businesses, where quality is the benchmark, needless to say even in jewellery. Mustang Services not only knows the price, but values it accurately that satisfies your inner self glorified by an outfit that suits you in magnificence. To mind your diamonds, our MUSTANG that rides the credit worthy track of peerless commerce which speaks volumes of frugality aiming royalty. Our globetrotting MUSTANG for a while awaits you to help reach your destiny for all fashions.

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This is a paid Service.
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Overall Ratings (10)

Sharvani - 0 06, April ,2018

Excellent Collections

Durga - 0 06, April ,2018

Value for Money

Kamalini - 0 20, April ,2018

Wow.. wonderful collection...Can we get more photographs of your design please.... Thank you,

Mounika Pandey - 0 20, April ,2018

Hi, you have very good designs.. Very little show case, please let us see more and more designs.

Raj Kumar - 0 22, April ,2018

Best Collections

Swetha - 0 26, April ,2018

Nice Collections

Psgupta - 0 13, May ,2018

Nice design's

prathyu - 0 15, May ,2018

Aswome collection

Rani - 0 23, May ,2018

Good collection

sdfdsfs - 4 24, May ,2018